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De onde vem o seu voo?
Para onde vai o seu voo?
Quando parte?
Fantástico, adora viajar! Infelizmente só conseguimos funcionar com um máximo de 10 aeroportos de cada vez...
Agradecemos que escolha uma data futura. Quando oferecermos viagem no tempo informaremos.
Viajante do tempo, eh? Agradecemos que verifique se a sua data de regresso é posterior à sua data de partida.
Podemos tratar apenas de voos para os próximos 12 meses, está mais organizado do que nós.
A pesquisa para qualquer local não pode estar associada a datas específicas.

Partner program

How to sign up?

Signing up to our program is free, just get in touch with us and let us know that you are interested in joining it on affiliate@whichairline.com and we will send you more details and discuss possible integrations that would be the most suitable for your website. Everyone can apply for the program, however, we reserve the right to offer individual conditions or decline application.

Terms & conditions

Every participant of our partner program declares that by placing our ads or text links on his web he agrees with these terms and conditions.

Partner can use any WhichAirline creative / text link approved by WhichAirline.com. Personalized items must be approved before placing on website.

It is prohibited to use any deceptive techniques leading to increased number of invalid leads and sales. We reserve a right to immediately terminate cooperation, without any compensation, if we find out that our creatives were abused in any way. Visits or sales that will be evaluated as fraudulent (e.g. too many clicks from a single IP address) will not be paid.

Why might commissions be declined (sales and leads)?

  • Booking cancelled
  • Payment not received
  • Sale returned
  • Fraudulent leads/sales
  • Breach of program terms
  • Blacklisted user
  • Duplicate booking

Our sales and leads are tracked via hasoffers affiliate system. Every partner will be given an access to daily stats so that he can regularly follow his earnings and improve performance. We pay a small commission for every click on affiliate partner link and also percentage of our commission on bookings made on WhichAirline.com. The structure and level of commission is set individually and can be adjusted according to partner’s per­formance. The more highquality visitors you send, the more you earn.

As soon as partner reaches a payout limit, he sends an invoice to affiliate@whichairline.com. Min payout ammount is €30, in case the ammount is not reached, partner’s com­missions will be moved to the next month.

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